Digitization of loan applications by a newly developed financing portal

krefindo landing page on laptop and smartphone

Krefindo as a digital loan broker is searching for tailor-made loans for its customers on favorable terms. We helped digitize the application process. The credit application was filled out together with the customer before, now the customer can fill out and submit his application independently and flexibly online. In the application process, the data entered by the customer helps to forecast in real-time whether the credit application can be granted.

krefindo landing page on laptop and smartphone

We created a new WordPress theme for Krefindo and integrated a customer portal with which a user account can be created. In the customer portal, the borrower can log in with the registered data and view all the loans applied for and their processing status. With new credit inquiries, the user data can be taken directly from the last credit inquiry.

Krefindo auf Tablet

The credit inquiries are transferred to a cloud-based CRM pipeline management tool, with the help of which the employee responsible can view and process the inquiries received. The manual transfer of an application from paper to the system is no longer necessary, the process has been digitized and this has increased speed. In addition to our role as developers, we also advise our customers and ensure a productive workflow for them. Together with krefindo, we evaluated various CRM systems and agreed to use the Pipedrive system, which is very easy to use from a user perspective. It offers developers detailed API documentation.

online portal dashboard on macbook and iphone

We used the Javascript framework Vue.js in connection with the CSS framework Tailwind to implement the front end. The biggest challenge was data protection, which plays a very decisive role in this project, as very sensitive data is handled here. As a backend, we set up a server with the Express.js web framework in conjunction with TypeScript, which runs the entire business logic. We have outsourced the authentication and management of authentication data, such as email and password, separately to Google Firebase, which, with its diverse range of services, meets all the requirements for our application.