Establishment of a digital sales channel: B2B webshop

Landingpage von Konsum auf Desktop, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy

In cooperation with our business partner STILBORG GmbH, we implemented a B2B webshop for our mutual customer KONSUM DRESDEN eG.

The business customers of KONSUM DRESDEN eG previously placed their orders by phone or email. It was now time to simplify and speed up the procurement process for commercial customers.

A B2B webshop offers unbeatable advantages:

  • Strengthening customer loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction through a convenient ordering process.
  • Flexible ordering is possible, regardless of office hours or days of the week.
  • The buyer has an up-to-date overview of the availability and costs of the goods, including product images.
  • The delivery date can be chosen freely and payment by invoice is possible.
  • The editorial team at KONSUM Dresden can easily maintain the goods and associated information in the content management system.
  • Thanks to the digitization of the ordering process, orders can be processed faster and more conveniently.

The webshop, as a digital sales channel, expands the sales opportunities of our customers and at the same time minimizes costs and effort concerning internal company processes.

KONSUM B2B Webshop Seite auf MacBook

Technical implementation

For the technical implementation of the project, we opted for WordPress, which, thanks to its flexibility and extensive range of plugins, met the requirements of our customer.

We used the WordPress plugin WooCommerce to create the web shop and found a way to apply it to the German market as well, as the functionalities were originally limited to the US market. With the current solution, we were able to set up a web shop that complies with the legal framework in Germany and where necessary functions and legal texts can be added.

In the B2B webshop, the commercial customers can now place their orders, choose the desired delivery date and conveniently pay by invoice. The KONSUM DRESDEN eG employees can view the orders at a central point, send an email directly to the customer in the event of necessary changes to the orders with regard to the available products or quantities, process cancellations and send invoices via PDF. The deposit return could also be realized digitally.

During the development of the webshop, the usability from the buyer’s point of view was checked regularly to ensure that the ordering process is as intuitive as possible for business customers.