Flexible WordPress Theme


The original WordPress theme by TWAICE had weaknesses in the areas of performance and maintainability. An excess of plugins increased the size of the JavaScript bundle immensely and the excessive use of Visual Composer made it difficult to maintain pages and posts in the long term. Therefore, a modern and lean theme was required, which should both offer space for adjustments and be intuitive to use and maintain.

To put together their site, TWAICE required various adaptable and reusable components. We helped to work out specific ideas for side modules that served as a basis for development.

The individual modules were implemented using ACF Gutenberg blocks. ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) is a plug-in that allows editing in WordPress to be enriched with your fields. With this, individual ideas of customers can be implemented without breaking the functionality of WordPress. With the so-called Gutenberg blocks, we were able to integrate our specially developed page elements directly into the native WordPress editor (with live preview). We implemented special interactions within the elements with Vue.js, one of our favorite JavaScript frameworks.

Own Gutenberg blocks as an ideal tool for editors

This enabled us to provide TWAICE with a very intuitive workflow for creating and maintaining new pages. Also, the site experienced a visual as well as a high-performance upgrade.