Intuitive web app: CHC-Plattform

Screenshot CHC Plattform

The CHC-Plattform (Corporate Health Community) was developed by CHC Corporate Health Community GmbH together with Unternehmen Bewegungoxalis Individualsoftware, and PHMU.

The CHC developed the idea of a platform with which corporate health management (CHM) can be planned, managed and implemented digitally. In this way, companies can relocate all aspects of CHM to a central location and at the same time give their employees opportunities to participate. We supported the process of translating the concept into requirements for a modern web app.

Corporate Health Management digitally

The CHC-Plattform covers all aspects of CHM. Functions include:

  • creation, management and evaluation of activities
  • registering for and participating in activities
  • contribution of own ideas by employees
  • bonus system for participating in activities and submitting ideas
  • comprehensive statistics
  • evaluation with surveys
  • providing and maintaining health information as a blog

In addition, there is a role system where higher-ranking users can also manage the platform.

A backend in the frontend

On CHC-Plattform, users with different roles interact with each other. We developed an extensive admin area for coordinators and administrators. Here it is possible to manage users and all content on the platform.


A central component of the platform are CHM activities such as courses and trainings. After activities have been created by coordinators, employees can sign up for them. Participants also have the opportunity to exchange with the respective trainers and other participants in advance. During and after the activities, presence and participation can be confirmed by the trainers. Confirmed participants receive bonus points that they can exchange for rewards.

Content Management

CHM activities are not the only content generated in the application. Companies can also provide further information in a health blog an on separate content pages for their employees. For this purpose, we developed a simple content management system (CMS) for maintaining all the content in the application.


Reporting is a central component of the admin area. All important statistics about the platform are generated here. This means that data can be evaluated and exported as a PDF.


CHC-Plattform is designed as a white label. Companies can adapt the app to their own corporate identity by customizing its name, logo and color scheme.


A fitting landing page

To properly advertise CHC-Plattform, we also developed a static landing page. Static pages enable fast loading times and thus a higher SEO ranking – perfect for being found by potential customers. Here customers can find out more about the benefits of CHC-Plattform and its functions.

Technische Umsetzung

We implemented both the application’s front end and the landing page with Nuxt.js, the framework for performant Vue applications. Nuxt comes with all the benefits of Vue.js and offers an enjoyable developer experience. So it made developing the complex web application as easy as developing the fast static landing page. Of course, our favorite CSS framework Tailwind CSS should not be missing here either. Using the great components of Tailwind UI, we were also able to ensure the quality of the application in terms of design. As back end and front end were developed simultaneously we used Mirage JS to mock server-side functionality. Thus we were less dependent on the back end’s current stage of development and the user experience for new features could be tested easily.